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What are the key things to consider with a conservatory?

What are the key things to consider with a conservatory?

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We could all benefit from extra sunlight - especially during the dull winter months - and a conservatory is a good way to provide some. It also provides extra space while allowing you to appreciate the outdoors from inside.

Here are some of the issues you’ll need to think about before you begin building a new conservatory or make changes to existing one:

What permissions will you need before you start? Building regulations, or planning permission?

What foundations will you need for it?

Will you need a damp proof course or a gas membrane installed (and what are they)?

Access requirements

Means of escape requirements

If you want an open plan conservatory, what are the issues?

Conservatories can overheat – how do you prevent that?

How do you make it more energy efficient?


If you’re just planning on replacing the roof on an existing conservatory here’s what you should know

Or you may be worried about subsidence or cracks

And lastly how do you prevent water getting in?