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Will I need building regulations approval for my kitchen?

In short, you might - for full details visit this page.

Can my new bathroom open out onto my kitchen?

This may have been the case in the past, but it isn't now. As long as there's a basin for people to wash their hands in before they return to the kitchen, it's allowed.

Can I use a space saver staircase for my loft conversion?

These are generally only permitted if you can't practically fit in a proper staircase. Losing space off a bedroom isn't normally sufficient justification. If you do use one, you will need to fit a handrail on each side. Check with your building inspector first. Also see this article.

I’m thinking about buying a house that has had an unlawful loft conversion. What should I do ?

If you or a previous owner carried out work without obtaining permission you may be able to apply to have this approved retrospectively in the form of a Regularisation (only possible for work carried out after 11 November 1985). For further information view "What happens if I didn’t make an application?" on this page.

I’ve changed the spindles on my staircase for a sheet of glass. Do I need a handrail?

If considering installing glass to as a balustrade or guard you'll need specialist advice on installing and fixing it in an existing home. You can find further information on handrails here.

Do I need an application to remove a tree?

You might need to apply for planning permission if it has a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) placed on it. If unsure, check with your local Planning Department.

Can we replace our leaking windows with identical uPVC windows in a conservation area?

This is a question for the conservation officer in your local planning department. The use of uPVC windows would be fine from a building control perspective but you need to follow both sets of legislation.

If changes are made on site during building work will new drawings have to be submitted to building control?

It’s always best practice to submit revised as-built drawings particularly with more complex projects and anything related to commercial premises where further consultations may be required. For minor changes to domestic projects revised drawings may not be required but check with your building control surveyor.

My new windows have been installed badly - are there any standards the installer need to comply with?

The installer should comply with all the relevant building regulations including those related to structure, thermal insulation, glazing and ventilation. This issue should be taken up with the Competent Persons Scheme Operator.

Do we need retrospective approval for notifiable work done previously?

If you or a previous owner carried out work without obtaining permission, you may be able to apply to have this approved retrospectively. This is called a Regularisation. This is only possible for work carried out on or after the 11 November 1985. You’ll be asked for plans and calculations to show what was done and the work will be inspected. Please be aware that you may be asked to open up various areas of the building so the surveyor can check things that have been covered up like beams, pipes and insulation. If everything appears to meet the regulations that were in place at the time the work was carried out, you’ll receive a Regularisation Certificate. Also see this page on the LABC website.

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If you require a copy of your completion certificate, please ask your local council. Use the postcode search to find your local Council.

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