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24 Feb 2021

What are the building regulations for creating a new home office space?

Whether you're planning on creating a home office in your loft, shed or garage, here is some advice on whether you'll need building regulations approval.

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With all the changes in work patterns over the last year many people are looking at home working as an option.

Homeworking means that you may be like to have a separate home office (if you have the space of course). And if there's any building work involved you'll need to think about how to make sure it's in accordance with building regulations.

If you are, like many of us, putting a desk and laptop/printer into your existing bedroom or lounge then please ensure the electrics/cabling are safe. You shouldn't use landing, hall or circulation spaces as these are escape routes for everyone in your home, but there is no need for building regulations to be considered.

If the work is converting a garage, cellar, loft space or outbuilding into habitable use then there are building regulation implications depending on what you're doing:

Putting a home office into your garage

This article covers the building regulations approvals needed for a garage conversion:

Do I need building regulations approval for my garage conversion?

Some other things you'll need to think about: 

What are the key things to consider for my new garage conversion?

Converting your shed into a home office

If you're thinking of making your shed into a home office with a loo, find out if you need permission:

Do I need building regulations approval for my outbuildings?

And there's further information on new outbuildings on the LABC website[link]

Making an office in your loft conversion

Find out if you'll need to ask for building regulations approval to convert your loft

Once you have submitted your application our building control surveyors will assess the work and arrange site assessments. Please contact your LABC team at your local council to discuss the job with them (you can find their direct contact details using the postcode search at the top of this page.)

Finding a builder

Visit this page for advice on choosing and working with a builder