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23 Medi 2021

Do I need building control approval when building a detached garage? - Ask Anna Question of the Week

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Dear Anna

Do I need building control approval when building a detached garage? What are the regulations for this?

Assuming you've checked to make sure there are no conditions (like covenants) on your property preventing the building of your garage and that you've checked with your local planning authority to see if you need Planning Permission, the next step is to check whether your garage needs building regulations approval or is exempt.

Detached garages are classed as outbuildings and often considered to be work that is controlled under the building regulations. However, there might be cases where some small, detached buildings can be treated as exempt from them.

Your garage may be exempt from building regulations if it is totally detached. It will need to be under 30 square metres in floor area, more than a metre from a boundary or built of non-combustible materials and contains no sleeping accommodation.

If there are electrics in your new detached garage, they must comply with Part P of the building regulations.

If your garage will be attached at any point to another building or structure it will need building regulations approval regardless of its size.

Like any building, if your garage requires approval, this will cover the foundations, floor, walls, and roof structure including any lintels or beams, rainwater drainage and electrics. You can use the Full Plans or Building Notice route.

You’ll also need to request inspections as work progresses- talk to your building control surveyor about what stages they will want to be notified about.

If you are planning on using your detached garage as a habitable space, then you must make a building regulations application. Please remember that conversion of all or part of an existing garage to a habitable space also needs permission

If in doubt, ask your local authority building control team. You can find them here.

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