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What garage conversion costs am I likely to have to pay?

What garage conversion costs am I likely to have to pay?

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A basic integrated garage conversion will usually cost several thousand pounds and is generally cheaper than building an extension which probably means the garage conversion will add value to your home.

There may be other unforeseen costs to factor in including:

  • The cost of having any plans or calculations prepared.
  • The cost of your building regulations application.
  • The cost of excavating and filling new foundations.
  • The cost of altering the floor which may need raising or levelling and will need insulating.
  • The cost of insulating and dry-lining the walls – they may also need damp-proofing.
  • The cost of altering the ceiling height.
  • The cost of electrical work.

Do I need to hire a specialist garage conversion firm?

No, there's no need to employ a specialist garage conversion firm to do the work.

Garage conversions can be undertaken by any competent builder.

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Do I need planning permission?

Do I need building regulations approval?