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24 Mar 2023

Requesting site inspections for your home improvement project – Ask Anna Question of the Week

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Dear Anna,

How do I book a site inspection from building control?

If you’re planning on a home improvement project, you may need to obtain building regulations approval. You’ll need to determine what type of application you need to submit. When you receive your building regulations approval, you may also get an Inspection Service Plan.

An Inspection Service Plan outlines the stages of work that require inspection. It will vary depending on the size and complexity of your project, the construction type, and ground conditions.

When you start work, you will need to book a Commencement site inspection by directly contacting your building control provider.  This can be booked by you or your builder. You’ll need to make further inspection requests when you reach the stages outlined in your Inspection Service Plan or as requested by your building inspector. 

Booking a site inspection now made simple!

LABC has developed a free of charge site inspection request app that offers you the option to conveniently contact your local authority building control team to request a site inspection.

Booking site inspections have never been this easy! The app can look your site up either with GPS or by using a postcode.

It’ll then submit your site inspection request, including preferred date through to the right local authority building control team who will then be in touch to confirm your site visit.

Click the links below to download the app:

For more information and to see the LABC video about site inspections, scan the below QR code.

If your local council hasn't signed up for booking via the app, you can simply contact them directly to book your inspection or use the details provided with your approval.

Don’t forget to request a Final Inspection once the work is complete. Without this, you won’t get a Completion Certificate, which you should keep safely for future reference.

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