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Will I need building regulations approval for my wind turbine or solar panels?

Will I need building regulations approval for my wind turbine or solar panels?

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Wind turbine

If the wind turbine is going to be attached to your house then, because of the weight and force applied, and the resulting risk of structural damage, you will need to apply for building regulations approval. (The electrical installation of the turbine also has to comply with building regulations.)

Standalone wind turbines will also need building regulations approval, or you can employ a Competent Person who’s registered to self-certify for this type of work to do it for you if you have planning permission (or if comes under the Government’s Permitted Development rules.)

Solar panels

Whether or not you need planning permission for solar panels (whether solar thermal where sunlight is converted to heat or photovoltaic where it's converted to electricity) you will need building regulations approval because of the extra weight that will be placed on your roof, which may need to be strengthened to support them.

Again, there are Competent Persons who are registered to self-certify for all or part of this work but beware that this isn’t always straightforward and sometimes you’ll need to get building regulations approval from your local council even if the Competent Person is registered to do some of the work. Your installer will be able to advise.

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