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Quick list of things you need a building regulations for

Quick list of things you need a building regulations for

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Building Regulations applications are needed for most construction projects: 

New buildings 

  • All new buildings except agricultural buildings 
  • Garages that are not fully detached and under 30 square metres 


  • All extensions no matter how small 
  • Some conservatories and porches (many are exempt but these must be separated from the house by doors and can’t be heated) 
  • Roof extensions, balconies, and roof terraces 
  • Basements and basement extensions 

Which projects are exempt? Find out here  


  • All loft conversions, roof extensions, balconies, and roof terraces 
  • All garage conversions 
  • Barn conversions 
  • Subdividing a house into flats 
  • Converting flats back into a house 


  • Creating a ‘granny annex’ 
  • Creating a new or ensuite bathroom or cloakroom 
  • Installing a new kitchen 
  • Taking out a loadbearing wall – you need to ask a structural engineer to confirm that your wall isn’t supporting the walls, floors or roof above it 
  • Taking out a non-loadbearing wall if it separates a room from your hall, staircase or landing  
  • New installation or replacement of a heating system or any boiler, regardless of fuel type 
  • New installation or replacement of an oil tank 
  • Installation of a new bathroom if existing plumbing is altered or if new plumbing is installed 
  • Installation of fixed air conditioning systems 
  • Installation of additional radiators to some existing heating systems 
  • Replacement fuse boxes, any new electrical installation connected to the fuse box, and alterations to electrical installations in bathrooms around the bath or shower  
  • Replacement window and door units 
  • Installing roof lights 
  • Making windows or doors wider or taller 
  • Replacement of roof coverings on pitched and flat roofs even if this is just like for like 
  • Replacing your floor 

Some work can be carried out without informing Building Control if you're using a registered installer from a competent persons scheme, including the following: 

  • Most repairs, replacements and maintenance work (except replacements of combustion appliances, oil tanks, electrical fuse boxes or glazing units which do need to be notified) 
  • Additional power points or lighting points or any other alterations to existing circuits (except around baths and showers) 
  • Like for like replacements of baths, toilets, windows, basins or sinks. 

Need help understanding all the different technical terms and acronyms? Visit our Building control glossary to get to grips with the industry jargon. 

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