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How do I deal with moisture in my bathroom?

How do I deal with moisture in my bathroom?

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Condensation can occur anywhere in your home but bathrooms are particularly prone as the water vapour created by hot showers and baths hits the colder surfaces of walls, ceilings, tiles, mirrors and windows.

Here are some ways to control the moisture in your bathroom and prevent health issues caused by mould, not to mention the damage caused to your paintwork:

  • Ventilation – use a suitable extractor fan and/or open your windows every time you shower and be aware of the building regulations requirements for ventilation in your bathroom. 
  • Underfloor heating - the warmer your bathroom the fewer colder surfaces there will be for water vapour to condense on so consider this type of heating to maintain a higher temperature.
  • Wipe your mirror and other surfaces where condensation gathers before you leave the room, or use a mirror with a built-in demister.
  • Cooler showers will reduce the amount of humidity in the room, if you can bear them.
  • Anti-condensation paint on the ceiling above your shower can help prevent mould.

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