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Removing Downstairs Toilet. Front Door. 18.3.22 Phil Hearing U7pithrntnu Unsplash
18 Mar 2022

Removing a downstairs toilet? – Ask Anna Question of the Week

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Dear Anna,

Am I allowed to remove my downstairs toilet?

Downstairs toilets can be practical and provide easy access to those who are not always able to climb stairs or walk for long, but some people want to alter or remove them completely.

If you’re planning on altering or removing your downstairs toilet, in most cases you would need to make a building regulations application but this does depend on your property (e.g. the age of your property would be a factor.)

If the property is less than 20 years old, removal would be classed as a material alteration and you would need to submit a building regulations application. Every new house requires a downstairs toilet under Part M of the building regulations.

If the property was built more than 20 years ago you can remove the WC without permission but must properly cap off the drain to prevent rodent infestation.

In England, some dwellings are constructed with a higher standard of toilet provision with more space and features at the entrance level. These are created by the application of optional standards to building regulations. These facilities are to enable some dwellings to be adapted so that they can be more accessible for people as their circumstances change throughout their lives and for other dwellings to be suitable for wheelchair users. Read this article for more information on downstairs toilets.

It is advised that a downstairs toilet should remain in place, or if altered, the change to be easily reversible. Also, do keep in mind that removing a downstairs toilet can potentially decrease the value of your property.

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